Star Reviews for Businesses

So on my review page within the app, a user is able to leave a written review as well as a (1-5) star rating. The problem I’m having here is displaying the average review score on the Business’s profile page. I am using the star component btw. I you guys have any clue on how to do this you’d be helping tons! Thanks!

I’m assuming you have a collection called “reviews” and it has a relationship one-to-many (a review belongs to one user, a user can have multiple reviews)

The magic text for the star rating component would be Current User > Reviews > Star Rating # (Average)

Is there a way you can provide screenshots to further explain? I believe I’ve tried to accomplish what you explained but the selections weren’t there for me to choose.

I’ve developed a little system to where every User has a “Rating” Numeric Property
On the Reviews page the user can set a star rating without even typing a review. Similar to the apple app store.

As seen in the image, only the Numeric properties show up.

The only problem I have with my system is displaying the Average Rating for the current Business on the homepage of that business. Instead, every time a user leaves a star rating on the review page, the business page will change the star rating to the exact star rating the user just applied instead of averaging all of the ratings.

Ok so let me see if I understand.

You have a collection of users that have a rating parameter (as a number).

You can only set 1 number here, this will not allow you to get the average star rating for displaying on the average rating on the homepage.

You should move the rating parameter to the reviews collection, that way the reviews can have multiple numbers so that you can average them. Then, the relationship with the review to the user is still set and you can use that individual logged-in user review rating parameter as magic text for the star rating.

So I’ve been trying everything since your last response bro and I still cant get it to work.

I wasn’t able to figure out how to limit the rating score to only 1-5 in the form, so now I have created records 1-5 for ratings. The problem with this is I can’t find the average by doing this…

I’m so frustrated man, could you possibly take the time to create a working system and share it with me?

Don’t use the number field on the form.

Star Rating component: Click action: Create > New Review.

Use the Star Rating component as the creator of the review. When the user clicks a star rating it creates the review and use magic text to fill the rating parameter based on what the user clicked on the star rating.

You can then send them to the form screen where they can “update the current review” with a text review.

Same exact scenario that I set up for the THC Girls app:


Bro…you don’t understand how much you’ve just helped me out man. I truly thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me out. Respect bro!


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