Internal sales app: Where to store 2000 products?

Hello, I need help… I am setting up an internal system for a client’s business, it has 2000 products in excel, and each day the administrator will load the day’s sales, then the product database will update the stock. … where do you recommend me to store? Airtable? Or where? some easy integration. because I see that there are many products

Insofar as a sale represents several records, with airtable you risk being quickly limited.
This is a question that is not precise enough, how many photos per product? How many fields? how much relationship? how many records in total?

Hi @Santiago ,
It depends on the scalability that the customer wants. The customer could even keep all sales in CSV/EXCEL, using something like Integromat (That would split Worksheets or EXCEL per week, Month and so on), and Store CSVs in AWS S3 for example or locally. But if you prefer less microsystems/services around.

One option is what @bioveneris already mentioned.
You could start for example with XANO free version, up to 10.000 records, you could also just start with Adalo DB and scale up, since Sales Data grows fast, 5GB of stored data should be quite generous for the time being.
Backendless seems to have generous row limit (400.000 Objects) in the Free plan, but I haven’t dwelled with it for so long, not sure if fully integrates with Adalo.

great, thanks, the idea is to monthly delete the records of orders and order items of the month, to free up space, only the loaded products will remain … right now I’m going to see how xano and backendless works … Thanks

I already used airtable in an app but it brought me several problems when editing or loading from adalo.

The product will have… name, description, code, purchase price, retail price, wholesale price… no photo needed,

The databases that I will use are since it is a simple app for the seller:

Product Categories
Sale of the day (order)
order item

I think I’ll load them into ADALO DB and try a few months to see how it works…

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In that case I recommend XANO, you can add a task to delete older record and the task is automated, you just establish a condition (i.e. order date before today).

For Airtable you would need a View to filter older date and then a Action to automate deleting, but Airtable has limit of actions depending on the plan, you would need to use an external system like Integromat.

Great, I’ll start to investigate how xano works, the costs and how it integrates… do you know if I can use adalo with a bar code reader? for pwa without it being the qr reader?

Yes u can

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Hi @Santiago, I am curious as to what functions the Adalo app will perform. I guess I am not sure what your app does. This would be very helpful for me to understand. Many thanks, Mary

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