Stripe Connect component gives error message

I successfully linked Stripe Connect Component. I expect it should behave like a link action button to bring my new merchant to Stripe website, so that they can connect or create their own Stripe payment account? However, when I do preview and use new merchant user, when I click the Stripe Connect, it gives me error message “user has no identifier” Does new merchant user have to create Stripe account prior to clicking the Stripe Connect?

Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks. -Adrian

I created another user with Stripe account (pretending to be a new merchant signing-up on my app platform), however when the user click the “Stripe Connect” component, it gets an error message as shown on the screenshot I shared.

I am just trying to get a smooth flow of allowing new user to connect to Stripe so that they will received payment from my app customers.

Anyone can help please?

Hello? Anybody home? I know today is April Fools Day, but I am very serious about this question. This is the only remaining major problem on my app building and I am looking forward to publish it this month.

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