Stripe payment in installments

Hello, does anyone know how I can make the customer pay by card in installments? I am using the adalo stripe component but it is very basic, just put the card and that’s it… imagine an order of 10000dls you can only make one payment, if the client wants to pay it in 3 payments? How we do?

You’ve to use stripe check out api in webview :wink:

ok great … and how do I do it? on the button to pay a custom action or how would it be?

I don’t know that there is an installments feature, I would think that is something you would do in your app.

Maybe have it to when the customer makes the initial payment you have it also generate the dates for the following payments. You then, in your admin backend have a list of all payment dates and remind the customer when the next payments are due, when they come due.

Depending on how your app is set up (if its a native app) you cannot (yet) have recurring payments so you would have to do something like I mentioned above.

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Ok, great… yes, it’s a good idea to do it that way, only that we should be aware that the client makes the payment if we deliver the order and the second month I don’t pay and the third we didn’t lose there either hahaha… I’ll start to investigate the doc. … but very good idea to get out of trouble!

Good luck!

no way @Bobby ! you use the api stripe checkout with the subscriptions, if you understand a little the APIs it is quite simple to do and doable in a few hours. if you do not master, I can possibly make you an offer, in this case write to me in private

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If you have a native app you cannot use stripe for subscriptions.

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whether you can ! just thwart Apple or Google surveillance by creating a link to a webview. when you publish the app obviously the link will point to something other than the checkout stripe, just play with a link in a collection. guaranteed.

There is a backdoor for everything, I don’t think people like building apps they have to rely on with backdoor solutions.

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