Stripe Subscription Auto Rebilling

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone in the #help community knew how I could set up Stripe subscriptions in the PWA version of an app. I am attempting to create a single-tier recurring subscription where users will be automatically billed monthly without needing to input credit card info every month. Any suggestions or solutions are welcome. Thanks.

Hey there @meandrewin

Use the “Stripe Subscriptions” component. That’s exactly what this is intended to do.

Hi @Flawless. Thanks for responding to my question. I will give it a try. I forgot about the updated components. Have you personally used this component?

Yes, I’ve used it on a couple of apps.

Is there anything that I should be aware of? or Is it straightforward? The legacy component worked but I remember having issues when testing it.

For us users, there is not much difference between the updated stripe components vs the legacy ones. A slight difference in the look of the component.

However, Adalo has rebuilt the stripe components with bug fixes. Probably even the one that you were facing with the legacy component.

Cool. I appreciate your help.

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