Stripe Subscription working in one app, but not the other, uses same emails, but different database

Hi everyone, I’m really liking the Adalo product so far. I’m trying out at the Stripe component, but have run into some odd behavior.

I have my Stripe account connected in my basic app, and it only has 3 screens (login, signup, and logged in screen with stripe subscription component). So this screen works with a real subscription, and I can see that when I log in it shows that I am subscribed and I have the ability to stop subscription… all good there.

But, when I apply the same logic to my other app, which uses the same user emails (it’s actually a different database) and a different set of screens, it never shows the subscription status, and gives no indicator that the logged in user can see the status with the Stripe component. I’ve tried every which way to trouble shoot this, but can’t figure it out. it’s not in Test mode, the DB login works, the product ID is right… Any ideas why it would work in one app, but not the other?

did you connect the second app to stripe as well?

I did connect it, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Been trying a few things.

So the Stripe component does work, for example if I make another real subscription purchase, it works. But, there is some kind of paired login logic, separate from the email being used that ties it to the Stripe purchase. For example, I would assume that if the email in the stripe component changes (either hard-coded or a variable from login), then it would automatically sync based on that email change, same with the stripe customer’s info on Stripe… but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It syncs based off the actual user login session even if the email completely changes in Adelo or even in Stripe, which is why it wasn’t working in the separate example app.

So what I found: The Stripe purchase is paired with the user login session/account, not the actual email being used in the Stripe component. Specific purchases are tied to that user’s specific DB entry. I’m not sure what that tied variable is though, it’s not surfaced anywhere.

Adelo Team, can you confirm? It’s not a deal breaker for the Stripe component… it just means I have to make sure that the same exact DB is used with the Stripe purchases, and I can’t necessarily recreate it anywhere else in Adelo.

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