Trying to create an AI image generator collection for Zapier

I apologize if this is super basic but im trying to create tool bar where you can type in something and an AI (most likely DALL-E) will generate a photo or short video.
Im not understanding the collection relationship between Adalo and Zapier. Im pretty sure theres a specific type of component I need to lay out in Adalo so Zapier can collect it.
Thanks for any help

No need to apologize! What you’re trying to achieve involves integrating Adalo with an external AI service (like DALL-E) via Zapier. Let’s break down the steps you can take to set up this functionality:

1. Adalo Setup:

a. Database:

  • Create a collection in Adalo to store user inputs and corresponding generated media.
  • Define the necessary fields in the collection (e.g., user input, image URL, video URL).

b. UI Components:

  • Add a Text Input component for users to type in their input.
  • Implement a Button component to trigger the action.

2. Zapier Setup:

a. Trigger: Adalo New Record:

  • Set up a Zap with Adalo as the trigger app.
  • Choose the “New Record in Collection” trigger event.
  • Connect your Adalo account and select the collection you created.

b. Action: AI Service (DALL-E):

  • Choose an AI service that supports image or video generation (e.g., DALL-E).
  • Configure the action to generate media using the input from the Adalo trigger.
  • Map the fields from Adalo to the input fields required by the AI service.
  • Retrieve the generated media URL(s) from the AI service.

c. Action: Adalo Create Record:

  • Add another action in your Zap to create a new record in your Adalo collection.
  • Map the fields in Adalo with the relevant data received from the AI service.
  • Ensure you save the generated media URLs in the Adalo collection.

3. Adalo Integration:

a. Refresh Data:

  • In Adalo, set up a periodic refresh for the screen or the relevant data source to ensure it displays the latest generated media.

b. Display Generated Media:

  • Use Image or Video components in Adalo to display the generated media from your collection.

4. Testing:

  • Test your integration by typing in inputs, triggering the Zap, and ensuring the generated media is displayed in your Adalo app.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure that the data types and formats between Adalo and DALL-E are aligned.
  • Be aware of any rate limits or constraints imposed by the AI service you are using.
  • Monitor error logs in Zapier to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Remember that the specific steps and details may vary based on the capabilities of the AI service you’re using and any updates to Adalo or Zapier. Always refer to the documentation of each service for the latest information. Good luck with your project!