Support Upstate SC App

Hi everyone. I officially launched the Support Upstate SC app today made on Adalo! Available for iOS and Android with features already in the pipeline. I realize most of you are not in SC, but I thought I would share anyway.


@pformedia, looks great. Glad to see some Adalo in the wild!

Great app! How did you do the top tabs if you dont mind me asking

Yeah the top tabs are actually 4 buttons with a gray rectangle behind. The buttons actually link to 4 different screens with no transition in between.

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Looks great! Care to share the app capabilities and functions by taking advantage of the new clone option offered by Adalo? Iā€™m sure many people would be able to benefit from your great UI design and put their own twist on it. Thanks!

Thanks I think I will do that for sure!

Awesome! I look forward to seeing that. There is also a competition going right now relating to clone kits, it might be worth submitting for a chance to win some prizes! Good luck.

You can share your cloned app here >>
And the competition is here > >

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Hey Patrick. Alex at Adalo suggested I reach out to you. If you have a moment, can we schedule a time to chat for bit? Thanks