Survey Question


I am trying to create an app where a person could download it and insert their team’s contacts or invite them to the app and then assign them activities. The coaching template sounds very good for this, the only thing is that we wanted the “coach” to send a survey to their “clients”, or their team in this case, and receive their own responses. It seems that we can’t add a survey component but you have an integration with Typeform.

Later we would like to launch this app in AppStore, so my question is, if we buy typeform and integrate with you, how would it work the segmentation of replies since we would have different “coaches”, do you understand my question?

How can we outline the possibility that a reply from a member of my team doesn’t go to another coach account and screw up both results?


You can create a survey through Adalo using true/false properties or input fields. You can use a form preset template or you can create your own form. Then have a property set of logged in users coach so that it will assign the answers to the correct coach. You can have “coach” pages where they can see the answers to their survey.

Thank you! But can I build a Scored Survey?