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Hi everyone,

I’m making an app in which users can search other users on a property called “age”, i.e. return all users who have age > 30. Now obviously this is easy by simply creating a list and filter it on users → age → get 30.

However, we’re also categorizing users based on tags. So, a user can assign him/herself various tags, such as “cheese” or “ham”. Let’s refer to these as the relation “user tags” in which one user can have multiple tags, and tags can belong to multiple users. Besides the “age” property, we’d also like to filter users based on selected tags, which are encoded in a “query” object. This query object has many tags, and tags can belong to many queries, let’s call these “query_tags”. Essentially, we’d like to perform the query: give me all users which have a user_tags property that is contained within the query_tags, or in other words: yield all users that have at least one user_tag that exists inside query_tags.

We were not able to use the “contains” mechanism for some reason (it did not accept, maybe because our relation structure is off? Did anyone else experience a similar scenario and was able to solve it?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Did you figure out how to do this?

I’m trying to figure out how to create a search feature within my app to display a list of users which contain the search term which sounds similar to what you’re trying to do.

Hi @axme and @naossoan ,

Take a look at this


Uh…It doesn’t do anything.

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It looks something to me.

Treat this as baseline that require further efforts.

I have updated to include multi-select dropdown component.

It is not perfect, but with more instructions on how to use it, or splitting more screen, it could serve the needs, unfortunately not the wants.

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where you able to build this?