Tap bar bug in Safari


Here is the problem.

Tap bar in Adalo’s previewer:

Tap bar in Safari (iOS) with the web app:

How to fix it ?

How to fix it ?

To publish your app in Testflight will resolve this problem :wink:

Yes, the project may not be published on the store (Apple Policy), so the app could stay in web app :confused:

Can you explain the why you can’t publish in app store ?

  1. What’s going on with the gap on the right, in the screen shot of Adalo’s previewer? That’s strange.

  2. I haven’t seen that issue with the browser before. hope it’s an easy fix.
    Although it shouldn’t be necessary for you to fix this (it should just work ), have you tried creating an additional rectangular shape and combining merging it together with the menu… could be a temporary fix if you don’t get help / find a solution.

To solve issue like this, we need to stand up by ourselves by doing something we can do with other components.

So tab bar can be replaced by group of icons and texts spread horizontally, along with rectangles if we really need it.

If we can’t wait for something that should happen in our hope, we can just use different way to do it, which may cost us multiple efforts and delays than what it should be, but at least they are within our assumption, waiting is depending for other people’s assumption.

So, just recreate tab bar from other components and group them and make it bottom, that would clear your mind for waiting.

ah yes, build your own. This is probably the best solution @Nirvana (Not add-to / merge, as I mentioned)

You may want to submit a ticket; just to let them know it’s broken for you.

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The app deals with “nirvana” (not explicit content) but not sure Apple will like it.
Release this summer.

Thanks for your reply. You’re right; doing it manually is the best way.

But I don’t think manually you can do the tranparency gray effect when you clic on a button.
Do you ?

If you mean active and inactive color, you can play with visibility.

Try reading older posts, I think @Flawless made an example related to this.

Adding a nice clonable app that includes many different Custom Navigation Bars that Adalo created!

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