Text Element rendered wrapped in Testflight build

Need some help in sorting out a UI issue. a text element appears as desired when I test via preview. But when I test on a Iphone (Via test flight build) the text appears wrapped . I am not sure what to do to fix. Following screenshots can give more idea.

This is how it looks in preview
But things are not same in test flight build (Iphone 8)

Following is how I defined this element on the form.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA

Mate, you need to group it.
Group the email and image together. Then group it again with the bg (rounded rectangle you have).
That should solve it.

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Thanks @TORCH . I am going to try it this weekend.

Also check out some new UI Kits that I have been creating mate! https://designx.adalo.com/ui

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