The function of deleting users in collections does not work

Hello Adalo team - it has been days since we reported the issue that it is impossible to delete users in the collection of users.

Also, issuing a ticket is not possible: cannot submit ticket since it forces me to attach file but the function does not work.

Hi @Bea2002,

You mean you can’t delete the user record(s) after you view the users collection in the database?

Thank you

Hi Dilon, that’s right. I keep trying for days to delete some inactive users and clean up the collection, but the delete just does nothing. Kina stuck.

Beatrice, is it possible show this behavior through a video?

Sure, here you go. You will see I am trying to delete the last user (for example, I want to delete a few, but this is just an example) Screen Recording 2023-05-16 at 19.03.07.MOV - Google Drive

Check the collection permission button on top right corner, mostly it is not allowing you to delete a record because of data permissions related to the password (specifically) it is set by default be changed by the creator, which is the user himself in this case, just change that to allow anyone to change, and try again

Thank you for the tip! will check that out

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