What happened Adalo?

It’s been quiet for over a month now on Twitter and the blog, the last thing I remembered was you guys raised 8m, but at the moment it feels dead.

Back in January I choose adalo because I thought it has great potential, it was already great, so I thought with the normal rate of updates nocode tools have this will be the next big no-code tool out here.

Unfortunately the improvement rate has been slow compared to other no-code tools. Some key features are still missing (most notably GPS, Mutli add/edit/delete).

Let’s use that 8m to make an Adalo V2, launch on PH again (and all over the web) and use that momentum to explode and deliver on the mission you guys gave yourself, to tap into the potential of the 99%!

You guys need to succeed!


I kind of agree with you too. But I think one reason is that they are making this thing called “Adalo App Academy”, it’s basically like two minute Tuesday’s expect more in depth and updated content.

Also, there latest YouTube video was almost more than 1 month ago.

Yeah that academy would be nice, but I hope that app doesn’t hold them back. If so, why not let the community make an app like that? Have a prize for the winning team, give some design rules etc.

I think Adalo needs to focus on the product and once that is acceptable focus on growing.


I hope Adalo is still committed to performance over anything else.



A poor justification.

We don’t need another Academy. There are high-quality tutorials on youtube. Even payable courses.

We need new features. We need better performance and stability. We need a transparent roadmap with realistic ETA’s.


The academy is something that is worked on as a side project by a couple team members.

The rest of the team is working on security improvements, performance, etc…



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Btw, you could see all the performance updates Adalo is currently working on and finished below.

This is amazing :star_struck: I didn’t know that!

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There is a tonne of work being accomplished here behind the curtains.

Some we cannot share yet, some we cannot share at all (super secret stuff) and some we could certainly do better at communicating outwards.

I don’t think comparing us to every other NoCode tool out there is a reasonable comparison. Each company is at their own stage in terms of their goals, roadmap, team size, complexity etc etc the list goes on and on.

Certainly our funding allows us to expand our team and improve our platform and services offered, but this isn’t going to happen over night.

Hiring takes time. Onboarding, takes time. Feature development or improvements, takes time. Change takes time. Luckily, time is something that we do have in our favour as this whole NoCode industry is still in its infancy.

We sincerely appreciate constructive feedback and the passion our makers show in the demand for change but please bear with us while we take the time necessary to implement this change properly.

We take no pleasure in hearing stories of our makers being blocked by something on our end and if you can be unblocked by another NoCode tool and get your idea out there to the world, then you should certainly switch to that tool as it is the right choice for now.


Thanks for the explanation. I really hope that once the foundation for Adalo is tip top it will enable you guys to create new features better and faster.:muscle:

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I hear you…but to spend a couple of months building a beautiful app (or apps) in a great tool only for it to take almost 10 seconds to load even as a pwa, and hearing no communication updated performance updates since May 11th and then reading “you should certainly switch” is not comforting at all bro… We know you are doing your best which is why some of us stick it out, but really OUR businesses are being held up and all we been looking for is updates… and to keep sending us that updated performance page from almost two months ago is simply not cutting it. I got 37 churches waiting on their product to connect with their members and we are so behind becaus the apps work on WIFI but on a network these joints are crawling. I’ve tested a ton of Adalo apps on web.dev and lighthouse and every test provides a very slow score in speed which is what people want. I downloaded a few apps and they were BEAUTIFUL but sluggish. Adalo is miles ahead of the game…but the apps just need to be faster… If you guys solved THAT problem…this forum would be dead half the time…just my opinion.


I agree. I think Adalo is amazing. As may be people that does not believe that.
Some platforms may be great for some user and others not.
It is as always an option - in accordance to personal believes and needs…


“…our businesses are being held up” — I think that’s why Colin took the high-road and actually suggested going elsewhere if needed. It would be selfish if he suggested otherwise. I actually find his approach comforting as I would rather be with a company speaking honestly about their timeline than to be strung along and have my own business fail based on someone’s false promise. (of course, this is just my opinion.)

I appreciate you mentioning how sluggish things are currently. I have not deployed an app on Adalo… yet. And, as fragile as my own timeline is, knowing it’s “sluggish” will help me stay away until it’s up to par. BTW… congrats on the 37 church account!!

It sure looks like Adalo is on the right trajectory. Looked that way when they first launched, IMO. And, it’s comforting to know they are funded now. There’s only one thing worse than hanging on for extended periods to get your app finished and launched… and that’s for the platform to go under after you hung on for so long.

Here’s to the future!


You and DylanS couldn’t be more correct.

The product works very well, the speed is HORRIBLE.

I check almost daily for speed updates and see the exact same “speed updates” response we all get every time, it’s frustrating.

Working with no code mostly will always be locked in, it is different with low code which is like automation of coding for certain aspects.

Both these terms should be distinguished according to maker’s view not to the product’s people view.

As Colin said in other posts that they need more time to sort it all out, well I guess they have their own spaghetti source code too which need careful handling.

Adalo’s database is powerful, but they load unnecessary things and need indexes, the engine need slim treatment and their source code need tree shaking, so only necessary things get executed both in front or back end.

While being wrong is necessary to speed up things, being careful is a path that looks like get chosen in this pandemic. Probably remote working is slowing down productivity too.

Not soothing words, but probably can give some balance.

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