Updating Airtable record with linked field

When updating a linked field in Airtable, what is the proper syntax? I tried putting brackets around the individual items [“dynamic item 1”, “dynamic item 2”] as stated in the Airtable API documentation but that didn’t work.

I was guessing that it might be caused by Adalo putting quotes ("") around anything that gets submitted if it didn’t already have them. If that is the case, it would make the brackets look like text instead of the start of an array.

To update an array in Airtable you need to use Custom actions. Update via a stadard form does not work currently.

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I am unable to make a Patch HTTP request through the Custom Actions portal since it’s not an option, but then I tried it with a Put and found that dynamic text options were not available still.

A custom input on the right side of the Custom Actions window required manual data entry rather than using data available from the screen I’m on.

If I could use the brackets to update the linked field in Airtable using the usual update record method, that would be the easiest approach. I just can’t figure out the right syntax. Is there a cURL or Javascript equivalent of a backspace and delete to remove quotation marks that might be automatically added to the field entries?

The static data required for setting up an input in a custom action is just used for testing the action during the initial setup. Once the custom action has been created, you will be able to use magic text in the input.

Good to know, thank you. I will try it out.

Ben, it turns out that I don’t know what you mean. If I leave the JSON body empty, there is an error in the request.

You can’t leave the JSON body empty, but when you create the inputs you can use them as magic text in the JSON body.

@karimoo Custom Actions are not working right. The window crashes every time I try to input text. Many Airtable formulas and rollup calculations would be activated if I could input an array directly into the “Update record” field as such: [‘item 1 ID’, ‘item 2 ID’, ‘etc’].

@bgschust I did make some progress in using Custom actions to update Airtable.
But there was a change with the validation of the JSON body, which now causes problems with numbers.
See: JSON Body validation problem
I testing step by step the different field types of Airtable, planning to create a kind of tutorial, but still work in progress.
Updating an array like
already worked before the change.
I still have to test if all columns must be included for a partial update.
I got errors in postman when only using a part of the columns, but not sure yet.
I looks like all must be included, especially we only have PUT and no PATCH in Custom Actions.
Compared to updating using an Adalo form there seems to be a difference.

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