To Migrate or not to Migrate, that's the question ;)

Hi Guys,

Looking for your input!

Currently I have an app with around 2500 users around 20 screens and 250 records, with on average 3 images and 6 text fields, all connected to a Geo location.

A few days ago I fell in love with Adalo, the ease of customization, and around 90% of all the requests/bugs can be solved with Adalo. So from that point of view, a migration seems like a go.

But what I also read, is the performance of Adalo, What is this currently like? and any idea of what items could slow down the performance. Just want to make sure the app will not only be better by functionality but also not get worse on performance.

Hope you can help me out, maybe also with some of your own app examples which I could test myself to see.

Looking forward to your answers!

KR Bram

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