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Is it possible to have a conditional status indicator? I want users (employees) to be able to flag one of the shared assets as “Un-usable, or Inactive”. I have the boolean built in for the list of assets… and I’ve figured out a way for them to “Push the button to flip the switch” but I don’t have a way to highlight that asset as red. I also plan on setting this so that if the boolean is false, that the asset doesn’t get put into the use cycle when customers start getting aligned with the assets.

To hide a flagged product from public, you just choose ADD Filter on the List Collection choice.
then add,
Filter /dispaly if product …is not 'out of stock" (text) …or equal “0”.
(Numbers and Text offers more or less criterias)

  • I think conditional format is on its Way to change colors with IF…
    you may also use an ICON showing only if FieldX is 0… :shopping_cart:
    check FEATURES request

Ok. That’s good to know. I never thought about just having a list of available assets and then just assigning to them. I was thinking that a screen could be used to show the availability and then the tech can just assign the user to the asset. I’ll certainly drop in the feature request if someone else hasn’t already requested it.

Thank you!

search forexpression “conditional” if im not dreamin, someone posted a request about it…

  • its probably doable one or the other way just a mater how Adalo lets you mount it
    Im still in bed :see_no_evil:

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