Track Audio Listens

I have a 6 Day Challenge - with a audio for each day. I would like to hire a freelancer to create a automation surrounding the played vs. not played ‘days’.

Hi @Delisa ,

How do you want it to be ?

Day 1, play audio 1 or not
Day 2, play audio 2 or not
Day 3, play audio 3 or not
Day 4, play audio 4 or not
Day 5, play audio 5 or not
Day 6, play audio 6 or not

So at the end of the day, the app checks if that certain audio is played or not ?

Or you have something different in mind.

It can be pretty simple.
I currently am using ‘red’ button - linking to days audio.
If the audio is completed - could the button move to a ‘white’ color. So that the day you have coming up next is defined quickly by the color red?

Hi @Delisa ,

This can be your reference,

You can link to another screen to play audio and update the boolean field, then when came back, it can change the color.

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