Trigger notifications between admin and user

I have two versions of my app: one for basic users and one for admins.
When I trigger notification inside admin app to notify basic users, it works.
But when I trigger notification inside basic user app to notify admins, it doesn’t work.
I have built both apps for Android.
I don’t know where the problem may come from and also don’t know which detail do you need, people, to give me hint/advice/help with this case.

If you post screenshots of how you have set up those actions, we may be able to determine the possible cause for this.

First of, thanks for your reply,

I forgot to say that both apps share the same database.

This is how is trigger notification between classic user and admin in chat feature, but even in other features, only notifications from admin to classic user are effective, not the ones from classic to admin.
In this chat feature, each ‘room’ can be represented by 1 classic user and 1 or many admins.

In classic user app (1), in ‘Messagerie’ screen (2), the trigger notification is on the send button (3), and I set a custom filter to send the notification to admin only (4).

It only happens if the text to send is not empty

When the notification is received, the admin should be redirected to the ‘Messagerie_user_list’ in admin app version.

But this doesn’t work. However, the following works:

In admin app (1), in ‘Messagerie chat’ screen (2), the trigger notification is also on the send button (3), and the notification is send to classic user only (4).
When the notification is received, the classic user is actually redirected to the ‘Messagerie’ in classic app version (5).

Here again, the notification is triggered only if the text message is not empty.

Thanks for posting that info, it helps a lot.

We have identified an issue with notifications right now and working hard to get that fixed asap.

Ok, thanks that is great!
Bon courage for debugging and bringing us amazing new features ^^

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