Triigger notification to all those who downloaded the app

Hello, I have a news app… how can I send a trigger notification to all those who downloaded the app without having a user account, because the app has no users… I upload a new news item and I want the notification to arrive to all devices that downloaded the app

hi, you can’t, users have to be logged-in… but
you can fake it
use some onboarding process (1 screen is enough) make the users click on some button, when they do sign them up with unique ID’s and random passwords (since the app is not supposed to have logged in users, I guess that they won’t be sharing any detail about themeselves, so it won’t be a security breach,
so you’ll have to:

  • use randomizer component to generate a unique ID and another one to generate a 6 digit code
  • 2 invisible inputs (regular inputs where you set all the colors to transparent) and you make the 2 randomizers populate them with the ID and 6 digit code (each in an input)
  • you’ll put an action to the button that the users click , the action is signup user and
    –add the email as:
    – password = 6digit code
    add link action to home screen and your done,

reminder: don’t put this action on a “home screen” type screen, only on the welcome screen or the one after it (that is not the home screen)
and like this you’ll be able to send them notifications seemlessly

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Hello, thanks for the answer, I was putting together something similar but this seems simpler to me… Thanks for the answer! what I didn’t want is to generate so many actions for a simple notification lol… now that we have limited them

Hi, you’re welcome,
that’ why I stressed the point of not doing it on the homescreen,

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