Trouble shooting - notifications

I’m struggling to make notifications work, I’ve looked at all the documentation and asked questions on the forum, yet it still doesnt work.
Basically, I need a push notification to everyone who has the app when a new job is posted in the jobs database.
I’d be looking for a cost initially.

Hi, would be great to have more details:
1- does your app have at least one build (android or ios)?
2- share screenshots of your notifications trigger and configuration
3-are you asking for notifications permission on the home screen?

Build on Play store:

Yes, am asking for notifications.

I can get notifications to work if I use Firebase, so I either need this to work when a new entry is put in the database or for firebase to trigger the notification and can add info to the database.

Add something to the Body and try!

And I see this is added inside a group. If you have a action inside the group ( a action that added to the Card list ) then that action is triggering. You can add the Trigger notification action inside the group and remove the group.

And if you click the button that added the trigger notification action you don’t get that. For get you need to login as another user on another device.

Ive tried with magic text in the body and the title, I’ve tried as it, normal text etc.
The notifications are supposed to get sent to 4 different devices, 1 is signed in as an admin so not expecting that to get a notifications, but only firebase seems to send notifications.
If I remove the card grp then the new item in the database wont show up and thus wont trigger the notifications.

Is there any actual chance that I would be able to either get proper Adalo support or someone to actually to look at the situation?
Because all i feel I’m getting from the forums is the same regurgitated stuff: look at this resource, have you done this? etc, very frustrating and time-wasting TBH.

Just to confirm you are not using the external users feature, if you using that the notification won’t work.

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Hi, sorry, I dont understand what this means

Adalo have a external user features where allows you use auth the user with external authentication, if you are using Adalo internal user feature then no need to worry on this.

Hello, I’m happy to help you. PM me.

Hi, Thanks for the offer. It has been resolved now