Trouble with SendGrid Weblink and custom action API

Hi everyone,

I’m facing another issue with connecting Sendgrid and a custom API action.

My custom action works perfectly by sending my email template to the chosen user. However, part of the action requires a weblink associated with the individual property info. The property info is selected by a dropdown menu that contains all the property titles and URLs.

The idea is whichever property that gets selected will be the weblink and the Sendgrid template contains a linked text called “click here” that is supposed to pull the property URL and be able to shift the user to the property listing associated with the URL (the “click here” isn’t clickable). In sendgrid I’ve deemed the URL as {{Weblink}} and created a weblink field in my custom action that uses a magic text which is the selected property URL.

Not sure if this is an issue within my custom action or in SendGrid, but would appreciate some help.
This is what my JSON looks like:

Hi @paige.scholes,

I’m guessing in Sendgrid it’s weblink and not Weblink :eyes:

In your JSON try making the Weblink field to weblink! ( W to simple in your JSON body )

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera

I’ll try without the capitalization but in their resources they use Weblink, here’s the link to it

By Website do you mean Weblink? Just make the W lower case?

Okay not sure what I did but it’s working now :sweat_smile:, thanks for your help!

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Got it. But in your template what did you add? Is it Weblink or weblink? I’m guessing it’s weblink because in your screenshot you have added Weblink and you said it’s not working.

Oops sorry :sweat_smile: :person_facepalming: Not Website it’s Weblink. Updated the post!