Trying to figure out a workflow

I’ll try to be succinct.

Content types:

  • User
  • Party
  • Room

Relationship: A user can have multiple parties. A party can have multiple rooms but rooms aren’t shared between parties (each party gets it’s own set of rooms).

I have a screen that is a list of parties that the user can select. Once selected (and a password is put in) the party is added to the users’ “party-list” field.

After user login, What I want is for a button to appear on the “home” screen that is a “choose your party” button. Once the party is chosen, the user is shown that party in the home screen upon login.

Or another way to say it is allowing a default party to be shown upon login.

I am just not sure how to go about this.

@solidad that certainly sound doable with Adalo. Is there a specific area you need help with?

The problem is that I can’t figure out how to make sure that when a user picks one of the parties, that party then shows up on their “home” screen.

I have 3 screens:

  • Home
  • Select Party
  • Party Login

  1. User taps “find a party” and is taken to the find a party which is a list of parties banner images.
  2. After selecting a party by tapping an image, they are directed to a “party login page” where they can enter a password. They are directed back to home if the password they enter matches the parties password field. That party is also added to the user’s “party-list” field.
  3. This is where I am stuck. Upon going back to the home screen, I don’t know how to show that entire party on the home screen. currently I have a list that shows the users “party-list” entries and that’s it. The list was more of a test to see if it worked.

I noticed that in the app bar on the home page, I can’t change the title to the selected parties name and can only use the logged in user’s name.

I am just unsure of what i need to add or how to wrap my brain around the proper way to achieve this.

I was able to resolve my specific situation by adding a toggle field to a party called “default”. The home screen has a single item list that shows the entire contents of a party that has the default toggle set to true. If there are no parties this list doesn’t appear on the home screen, so this works perfectly for me.