Trying to link my first tab to my home screen

Hi Adalo friends,

This is a terrific no-code platform that I am using for my projects. I am relatively new to this platform and so I am currently stuck on an issue where I am trying to link my first tab of my tab bar to my home screen but the home screen is not showing up when I go to adding the property of linking the tab with the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @JawB15,

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It’s because the tab bar is located on the Home Screen. ( How to identify the home screen : if the little home icon located on top of a screen that’s the home screen. You can change it too! )

And also you don’t need to add a link action to the home section on the tab bar because you are on the home screen. Now if you add this tab bar to like in the profile screen then you can and the home screen should show!

Thank you

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Hi Dilon,

Thank you for welcoming me and thank you very much for your response. I realize you are right and this should have been obvious, however, I got a bit confused since I had to copy my tab bar on each screen that I would like to have them on and have the other pages linked to my home screen. Slowly getting the hang of it :blush: Thank you very much once again.

Best Regards.

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