Unable to filter map

I have a collection of addresses with certain Categories attached to them. I want to filter the addresses per category and give the user the choice to which category they want to use (by simply using a drop down).

This unfortunately doesn’t work at all, everything glitches in PWA and the native app crashes.
Is there any way around this bug? I already tried to add a text column, so it merely has to filter based on text and not a relationship, not working too.

SEE vids:

It shows the “autosteigers” correctly, but when I change to “bunkerstation” instead of showing bunkerstations (which should only be in the Netherlands) it shows a number of random “autosteigers”

On the native app it just crashes when I go to autosteigers, but the coordinates should be good, because when Autosteigers where pre-selected (since the start) it actually shows them.

Hi @DylanS,

As for me, this is a good case for the support ticket: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

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