Unique Chat style

Hello I have s chat app that I need to do and has the following features:

-The chat initatior is a random person who will scan a barcode to be taken to a website;
on the website he will find a button “knock knock” which when clicked then the other user (admin who is the same every time ) gets notified on his mobile app and gets options to choose from; meanwhile the Knocker has a random name and is waiting for response.

  • The admin’s options are 1,Who is this ? 2, Send your picture please ? 3, Wait for 10 minutes ? 4, Come in ? 5,Decline the knock ?

Firstly, I do understand some of the relations although I do appreciate you elaboration on them, please.
Secondly, I cant wrap my head around making the functions (especially using adalo actions) without user sign up log in ?
Thirdly, Sending notifications between the web version of the user and the mobile version of the admin hasnt worked for me ?

Any radical structure of the databse, relations, etc is welcomed.

Hello, @mpharaon. Here our some videos to show how to finish up the features you wrote in the post.

You will have to create a website for the qr code to be linked to. The website should send an email to the admin after the “knock knock” button is clicked, with the options 1,2,3,4,5. When the admin picks, it should send an email to the random person/knocker. Hope this helps :wink:

Thanks for your reply, I have two comments that would help to get your unput on them.

1 I am thinking of making the knock knock website on adalo then generate a qr code that takes to it. (Qr code static and generated once using free qr code generators

2 I wanted to have the admin be notified on his mobile app version using notifications as happens with whatsapp. But couldnt make it work what so ever. I even built an apk but request notification action is not working nor trigger notificatio.

How I test is; I run the web app and the apk android app then click on knock knock and nothing happens of the android.

Could you make your app and the Web app cloneable then send me a link so I could take a look at it?