Update for the store

I had many feedback recently about Demo and Demo, so this is the latest update for my website, demo has been added, now you can Demo almost any component, and if there is any which doesn’t have a demo just request one. check them here:

Hey @njimmy10

Looks like there is an SSL certificate issue on the demo site. You may want to hit the reset SSL certificate button on the domain settings.

you can just click on advanced and continue, this process takes time to be worldwide…

Nah, I prefer to not browse sites without active SSL certificates. Let us know when the issue is resolved.

this is actuall adalo site btw

Good, that makes it easy for you to fix it.

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I did a demo test on the phone number verification. I think there’s an issue. I have two numbers (two different network providers), I received a code for one and I didn’t receive a code on another.

That’s an issue from twilio and not from the component itself, maybe even the phone number has an issue and not the provider

That’s not the best way to respond. I am giving you an honest feedback. Both are my numbers and they have no issues. I am typing this reply with data bundle from the number.

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well and this is not a component that is using my servers, this component is called twilio sender, if twilio has an issue with a provider in your country this is not my job to fix it. I am just someone who gave people the ability to send otp and verify user’s account in an easy and very cheap way comparing to other services which works on Adalo. you said one number is working and the other is not. And i have sold this component to people in ukraine, usa, belgium, france, Lebanon, and Brazil none of them had this issue

Try testing it on demo.jimmynoujaim.com please

and i have asked you 3 times to create your twilio account for you to test it by yourself too and you never answered

You have an email verification compo? I can’t get the SMS verification cos it doesn’t work on all my numbers. You may have your own explanation with Twilio and whatever and I understand that but I won’t be explaining to thousands of my users why they can’t receive a code while signing up. So you have an email Verification compo?

Okay I have created a twilio account

So i’ll send you a template where you can input your accountSid, authToken and Phone number, note that your twilio is not a trial so you can only send for your verified number, so verify your both number.


How did you verify the registration? I wanna use grizzly sms https://grizzlysms.com/ for fast verification, if it’s possible.