Here’s another issue…anyone?

So, in concert with the extreme lag happening with my app and editor, I’ve also noticed some other problems popping up rather suddenly (about the same time the extreme lagging started).

Buttons that once opened a page, went back a page or closed a pop up are now giving the “action can’t be completed” error, even though I’ve done nothing on the backend to cause this issue; it’s just not working. But if I go to the editor, delete the little “X” button to close the pop up, then put another in its place, it miraculously starts working again.

Also, the random number/date generator (Pragmaflow component, I believe) had been working wonderfully. And now it’s not. It’ll no longer assign a UUID to a logged in user during the onboarding phase after registration (or anywhere else for that matter). I’ve tried deleting the component from my app and placing a new one, setting it up to update the logged in user field with the generated UUID but it just won’t work anymore. However, it WILL create a random number string needed for when a user creates a new group, so I’ve left that one alone. That’s the only random generator component that’s still performing the “update” function.

Since updating the user with the generator won’t work anymore, I have it set to create a UUID linked to a user’s account in a separate collection; it works but it’s a stupid way of handling the issue and shouldn’t be necessary.

Lastly, a few times now, I’ve changed some conditions for specific lists to only display certain data based on what’s in a user’s field in the user collection, and though the change took effect and was reflected in my app, give it an hour or so and the change stops working and reverts back to before the change was made. However, the change is still reflected in the editor.

If I remove the change and then re-implement it, it just won’t work the second time around unless I completely delete the list component and rebuild it.

I know I’ve spent a good majority of my short time on this forum complaining but I can’t figure out how to contact support directly (and sounds like that won’t do any good anyway), so here I am.

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