When I update a record, it clears all blank fields

All records left blank in an Adalo update action are getting cleared in Airtable now. That doesn’t work for my app because custom actions are needed to update linked fields.

Hi @bgschust

Please see fix in section 3: Connecting to Airtable - Adalo Resources

Yeah I’ve been using PATCH, but it’s actually a standard update action that’s causing the problem in the presence of a Custom Action on the same screen with the same record.

I’m also having links to screens fail and then work once in a while. Most of this stuff was working stably before today.

I made a post about this issue too… its only 2 days old its been working great until then!!

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Yeah I think they’re working on it. It just happened to me for the first time yesterday.

@David & @anon78309838, a standard Update action is still clearing linked fields from Airtable that are inserted manually or with custom actions instead of leaving them unchanged.

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