Urgent! Stripe not receiving total amount from link

I’m trying to get stripe to charge the total order amount.

But the option is not displaying in-app.
I have a checkout button linking the last updated order to the pay now page.

But in the stripe element there is no way to select the order value.
Please help.

Bump up. Anyone run into this?

Try highlighting the screen and check whether any data is missing

Thanks Codemaine, Couldn’t see anything out of order.
I added a new stripe element to a screen straight after an order is created and still can’t magic text the order value.

Did you create any Products in your Stripe dashboard? Or are you just passing an amount to the Stripe Component?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Stripe requires a ProductID to be passed from the Adalo Stripe Component, at least for subscription businesses like mine.

I’m unfamiliar with other Adalo Stripe components, but I’d imagine they also need more information than just an amount.

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Can you show a screenshot of the available data for the Pay Now screen?

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Hi Colin,
Just saw it now. Says the info is missing? What does it mean?

It means that you are linking to that screen (Pay Now) from the “Cart Delivery” screen. And in that link, you are not sending the “Current Order” which the Pay Now screen requires. So it has therefore broken that data flow.

You can either remove the link from the Cart Delivery screen or you can make that link a list and filter it down to the current order required. That way you will send the current order data.

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