User Following Teams

I have a Teams table and a Follower table.
Follower has fields for Team and User.
I create a Follower record for every User that follows a particular team.

I also added a true/false field to Follower table (called isFollowing) – I thought this would make it easier, even though technically it is redundant data (if there is a Follower record, then the User is following that Team)

On my Team screen, there is a Toggle that I want to link to the Follower.isFollowing true/false field.

However, the Follower table is not available on the Team screen for some reason. How do I get this data available? See screenshots.

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

You have to add a Create action on the toggle. Because you can’t add that as a action because you have a separate collection to store followers. I think in here the best is to use two icons instead of toggle. One icon to create the record on the Follower Table and you can add a visibility condition to that icon that Current Team>Followers>Count>is equal to>0 and add a filter that User’s>Email>is equal to>Logged in user’s email.

And make the 2nd icon as a list clicking the three dots and connect that to the Followers collection and make the filter from All Followers to Current Team>Followers and add a custom filter that User’s email>is equal to>Logged in user’s email. And then add the Delete Current Follower action to the toggle. Not to the list. And group that two icons. If you can’t figure this out I will make a video that may help you! I made a video that may help you! : Follow Team.mp4 - Google Drive

And the easiest way is to do this is creating a Many to Many to relationship between the Users collection and the Teams collection and add that on the Toggle! Made a video : Follow Team (Many to Many relationship).mp4 - Google Drive

See here ( favorites ) : How to create a "Favorite" button - Adalo Resources

If you use separate collections ( Joint tables ) then you need two icons to add it and delete it. I don’t think you need a true/false property on the Follower collection because you don’t need that and you can show/hide button from the count of that collection.

This video by made Victor and this post by Mario may help you : Adalo Help: Upvotes and Downvotes - YouTube, Toggle - is it true that it can only pull data from one source list? - #4 by Flawless

For the Data missing issue watch these videos made by Patrick that will help you to understand about this ( My guess is that you don’t need the Current Follower data ) : Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Not Available On a Screen - YouTube, Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks - YouTube

Thank you

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