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Hello all,

I’m not sure if you have seen my previous post/s, I am creating an app where fans can message celebrities on Adalo.

I am looking to set an option where when signing up users (Fans and Celebrities) can select an option for this; Option 1 - Fan, Option 2 - Celebrity.

If Fan then the user will have ‘Fan’ badge and if Celebrity then ‘Celebrity’ badge and this will be displayed on the user’s profile.

Does anyone have a way of doing this?

Celebrities need to be separated from Fans as they will have two different search results eg. fans and celebrities when searching profiles for chat will only be able to see celebrities.

I will be very grateful for your help!

@Ryansigg you can have 2 additional priorities (True/False) in users collection to achieve this.

When a user signup, depending on whether here is a fan or celebrity, update the respective property to True. (i.e. when a fan signup, isUserFan = True)

This will allow you to filter or perform actions specific to user type.

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So simple yet so effective, I have done this.

Thank you so much.

My next and last question is how to show a badge on a celerity profile page with an image like a verified page? (Like Instagram verified) With this setup

Create an image property in the collection and maybe call it celebrityBadge.

In the user profile screen add image component and set the visibility to show only if the user is celebrity.

Actually to keep it simple you could just add an icon in the user profile and make the icon visible only for celebrity profiles.

Perfect thank you!!

Great advice

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