User uploads an Image

Hi Guys,
Is it possible in adalo for a user to take a picture on his/her mobile and upload it to the Database on button push ?

I am looking at a user who is in an auto accident uploading a picture of the damage to a garage as part of booking an appointment to bring the car in !

Many Thanks

The image picker component will do this natively on a mobile device. It will ask the user if they want to upload an already existing image, or to use their camera to take one.

Hi Colin,

I have this working now by adding a field “Upload a Picture of damage” (File Picker component) and the user just picks that from their phone pictures or desktop pictures etc

I wonder if it will upload a video the same way ?

Many thanks

Hi @Nexus21214,

Video worked for me. Did it via file upload + plyr videoplayer component.

NB: tested this on App preview (MacOS / Chrome + .mov video) and on iPhone PWA (iOS 13 + .mov video stored in Photos). So on iPhone the PWA opened in Safari.

Not sure how this will work on Android & native iOS app :slight_smile:


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