Users not being informed of new release

I have a quick question, sorry if this was responded to previously.
Whenever I issue a new release of my app (which is approved by Google), I do not receive a notification on my phone (as an user) from the app to update to the latest release…I thought this is somehow done automatically? Is it perhaps a setting in my phone that needs to be changed?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!


I tried google “announce new product release.”

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Thank you, however I am actually asking about something else…My question relates to the users of my app not being notified/asked by their phone of a new release so they can update it accordingly…
Hope someone can clarify for me.

Hi @Bogdan :wave:,

Did you check out Google’s documentation? :point_down:

Normally if the User has set automatic updates (by default), this should update automatically in the background without notification.

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Thank you for your response, your message directed me to the actual setting I was looking for, which was setting automatic updates. This is done in Google Play store menu settings (as seen here: . My phone had it on but only on wifi and I had my wifi turned off, so I guess this is why I was not getting the auto-update, but I still haven’t figured out why I did not receive a notification that an app is ready to be updated…still looking at it, but now my question has been answered, so thanks a lot! :hugs:


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