Using the same form for both signup and edit profile

My company, Mike’s Club, is a membership club. On the app, the users’ profile screen will be used as a digital ID card, which they will show when availing of member services in our store, much like showing a library card or a Costco card.

No user will ever see another user’s profile.

When a new user first signs up (joins the club), he or she will have to do more than just create a username and password. They will have to complete all fields in the profile.

Here is how I think this will work (please correct me if I’m wrong):

The signup screen will contain a duplicate of the edit profile screen. All fields will be required to create an account.

So, my first question: I’ve already given the “edit profile” form a name: “User profile form”. Can I just replace the existing form on the signup screen with the User profile form? If so, does the submit button on the edit profile form also create a new profile if one doesn’t exist? Or will I need to do something different here?

Is what I’m trying to do this simple, or are there problems I’m not seeing?

Thanks as always for any assistance.

Hi @MikesClub :wave:

For the Edit Profile you can put the form to do Update the user and for the Signup you can put the form to do signup the user.

And if you copy the form in the Edit Profile screen to the Signup screen change form to do to Signup the user.

I hope this information will help you.

Thank you

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