Using websocket data for DB?

Is there anyway to take data from a websocket (from a third party) and get that data into the Adalo DB?

Hi @trble,

So you want to get a specific record and add it to your Adalo collection? You can create a custom action that gets the data and after that you can create a record on the collection with that data!

Or you can use a Webhook with MAKE!

Thank you

I’ve seen this done through Integromat correct? But I don’t think integromat can connect to third party websockets. Are there any other choices other than Integromat?

What is MAKE?

Oh i see Integromate and MAKE are the same thing. But again they don’t seem to connect to third party websockets to receive data.

Can we know that? Not sure about Websockets :upside_down_face:

MAKE ( formerly Integromat )

Hi @trble,

You will need some 3rd party integration for it.

I don’t think Integromat / Make support websockets (at least there is a feature request here Websockets | Voters | Integromat s.r.o. which isn’t closed).

You may look at n8n, but this won’t be a nocode solution (not to mention I’m not sure it is possible in general to do this in n8n; still there are some threads on their forum about this).