Vegan App help to get start

Guys, I have this app here: I would like to build it with Adalo.
Is there a template that is similar to this app? Or better building it from the scratch?
Can I add new features I need to update an existing template?

Hi @Wrcc ,


It seems that you know your way around UI/UX, all you need is logic assigned to the components.

I would suggest build from scratch on top of your already designed UI.

Template is to show the capability or as an example of what could be done, it could help accelerate the app building if the logic is quite complex, so we can learn from it and extend from that.

Some use the template to study and apply the method to their own app from scratch, whichever works.

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Hi @Wrcc,
From what I see this app has 3 main components:

  • Listings - Stores
  • Products - From Stores
  • Community

The first 2 components, you can build with the Ordering template included in Adalo.
The latter one you can just create Reviews for the stores/products and also collections to allow community to create topics to discuss.

If you are a beginner, I would just check the templates first, it will be the fastest way to build your stuff, if not, doing from scratch is much better, no cleaning up after needed ;).

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Looking at this i recomend doing it from stratch and it wont be that hard do you need help getting started?Can i co-found the app with you i am willing to help build it for free

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Hi @picolpierre1 thanks for your return on this…yes, I do think it’s better to start from scratch…Please tell me more about your expectations as co-founder, we can have a chat about it.

Thank you

Great! thank you, I will have a look :slight_smile:

Well As co-founder I will help with the idea of the business help make it into a successful one and the only thing I asked is that On the sign up screen You could put”created with Picol computers”And also when the company start making money I will want a check to

And also if you decide to do it you can email me or my instagram

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