Item visibility not working on second page, despite exact same requirements?


I’m running into an issue where the visibility is working correctly on the first page, but then not the second, despite both pages using the exact same definition.

Page 1: List of users

  • Logged in user sees a list of users to add as friends. If they add, add friend icon disappears, and shows waiting icon.
  • This page is working as intended.

Page 2: Individual user profile

  • User can click from the list on Page 1, into page 2 here that shows individual user profile. If no follow request already exists, they can click the follow button here.
  • However, I can’t get the follow button to disappear, despite it using the exactly same visibility requirements as the previous page.

Screen shots attached:

  1. Page 1: Follow List
  2. Page 2: Profile Page

How it looks in the preview:

  1. Follow List (working as intended)

  2. Profile Page (not working, still showing Follow button)

Am I missing something here??

Hi @geo :wave:

You can create two relationship properties between Users and Users. One is like Followers and Following. Then set the Follow button visibility condition Logged in user > Following > Does not contain > Current User.

And you can set a Update action to add the current user to Following of Logged in user and Update action Current User > Followers > Add logged in user. And then for the Unfollow button you can set a visibility condition Logged in user > Following > Contains > Current User. And you can add the opposite actions to remove.

Hope it helps.

Thank you

Hi @geo ,

It is a long post, perhaps if you can give previewer and a login to that issue, it might accelerate someone to help with your solution.

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