Vimeo video not rotating on Android

We have set up weblinks to our videos on Vimeo. After a recent update the videos are not rotating to landscape on Android phones when the phone is flipped on its side to view the enlarged video. I sent in a help desk ticket a couple of days ago but haven’t had a response as to what could be the issue. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Hey, @thegiftinthemirrorap!

Screenshots would be helpful so we could solve your problem!

It works ok on iPhones

Hi, @thegiftinthemirrorap!

Could you please take a screenshot of your setup for the Vimeo Video Component in the Adalo Editor?

One thing I would try is deleting the video player then adding it again. That might fix the problem.

What do you mean by deleting the video player? I don’t want to delete the videos as they are working on iPhones. I created a new test screen and built the video links again. I also tried the embedding option with Magic Text but couldn’t get that to work either. Here’s the screen shot of the current live Component that is working on iPhones. The video works on Android just doesn’t rotate.


Try using the Plyr Video component then inserting the video URL.


ok will do, thanks!!


Please tell me if that solution works! :grinning:

I tried with a short url and a longer one offered in Video to one of the videos but nothing happens when i click the play button


The only other way that I am thinking of is that you convert the vimeo video to a youtube video (or post it on youtube) then you could use the youtube video compenent and paste the YouTube Video URL.

Thanks - we wanted to avoid YouTube so users don’t get the what to watch next screen at the end. Vimeo enables you to avoid that.

Please read this post:

Also try putting the Vimeo link in the database, then use the magic text for the plyr video URL.

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Unfortunately that doesn’t work either :persevere:

Did you put the Vimeo link in the database?


Please look at this cloneable app I made:

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Thank you. I’m wondering why the link works there but not through a component?

I’m getting a user on Android to test it to see if the video rotates for her

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