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  1. Created a list with a search box. Looking good.
  2. I tried creating a placeholder image when there are no results but not working. Placeholder image. Found a tutorial but is not working like it should. Here is the tutorial:

Maybe it is a limitation because this is a “list” from a “search” screen? Or maybe I am just not so handy. :wink:
Asking for your help.

You need to paste the image under the list search and put a conditional visibility based on the count of results. If result count is 0 then display image. So basically, image is sometimes visible when result is 0.
Hope this helps.

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Check out this tutorial:

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All helped. Thank you so much.

Hi @Ben,
I can not figure out why my list “ListRESULT” does not show for me to select it
so if Count results from ListRESULT = empty >>>show “Bear” Image

  • from that very screen, I am only offered the 2 Search bar as posible select options…
    no list to select from

@bibipac it looks like on the filter you need to select count (All workers > count) and then use equal to empty.

Hi Ashley,
Right…though doing so…has the Count formula returning the Total amount of workers (in the DB), which result into : 7.
So since the Total is always a positive value, its not reflecting the actual Count number of workers availables in the filtered category appearing only …in the Screen “after filters are applied”.
sorry , I m just joining now two more capture to give a better outlook*

I guess that what I would need is an access to one of those two options :
1 - Acces to the sum corresponding workers filtered. - if its =None, display image.
2 - Acces to some Action like : if Custom list is Empty (or invisible), then display image…
I have watch over and over the previous video tuto (Ben mention above) to create an empty states but I could not figure out where you grab the condition and required field : i.e if field X is empty than Hide/Show image. so as to apply it to my present case…
*sorry :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:
So what is it that you do have to Grab - beside a Count for ALL workers from the DB ?!!
Maybe the video is a bit too fast for me to grab it.

Capture du 2020-07-21 09-40-12 Capture du 2020-07-21 09-40-35

@bibipac I am not sure if I fully got your requirement . But what about using a separate property/field with worker available = 1 / not available zero. By this you can calculate a sum independent from Count/number of records.

@karimoo - if You mean adding an extra field on the screen that sums up the number of workers, each time all filters are updated ?
I think I have tried to do that - with the same goal in mind - but, the only “action” the user is doing on this screen is merely selecting combo-menu 1,2,3 to get a result.
*i think I didnt find any way to refresh this extra-count-field correclty .1/ it would have to replicate “all” filters conditions…2/ and do that all transparently without the user clicking…another button after the last filter. (Briks)
Tuffer settings than it seems :smile:

*how do you upload videos on Adalo, or what other recom sites ?

@bibipac After reading your input again:
You need to apply the same filters to the visibility settings:
If the list of workers is filtered by:

  • Dropdown 1 = sudam
  • Dropdown 2 = Districo Capital
  • Dropdown 3 = Plumer

add the same filters to the visibility.

The problem is: we cannot combine multiple filter criteria for visibility.
I tried to make a second list on the image (right click, make list) with the opposite filter criteria.
But this also does not work: We only can have ONE list = set of data on a screen for the same collection.
:frowning: :frowning: => Not possible to have this on the same screen

@Ben @jeremy @ashley How can we have a reference e.g Count to the filtered records of a list? How can we add multiple filter criteria for visibility?

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Somehow, altough it could or would work…
i’m seeing it a bit as a somehow lonnnnger way to reach a “simple” goal.
(simple regarding logical side)
This is why I submitted a feature request for a much more direct process :
(still on the logical side / dont know how much coding work it involves)

so, here is the request:
Option to display a “Teddy bear” anytime results returns “empty list”
pliz, support if you think its more straightforward…

Note if one would not want to use that new option, you could just untick it, and go for some more sophisticated/precise filters way with criteria & bloblo blo :grimacing:
:thinking: :pray: :pray:

unresolved issue :
*displaying an image when an empty list is the result of various filters is not available.
:grimacing: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: