Wallpaper to apps and multilanguage

Where can I get wallpapers for my application so that the application is not white? and the second question, how to solve the application to be bilingual?

Hi @waszczuklukasz,

You can add a image going to your screen settings!

If you need that to be Dynamic you can use this component made by James! : 🎉 It's HERE! Dynamic Background Component NOW available in the Component Marketplace!

Currently there is no direct way to do this, unfortunately :slightly_smiling_face: Vote here : Support for Multiple Languages | Voters | Adalo

Here’s a one way by Pragmaflow using a component that Pragmaflow built : Multilingual App

Here’s a second way by Yongki : Free Template - Komun for Community Support - In Progress - #6 by Yongki

Thank you

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