Making users to accept notification request

Hi, I want to make users accept my notification request. By this I mean, that if the user rejects a notification request it will see anything other than a warning pop-up in the app.

My potential solution:

  1. When a user receives a notification request, a pop-up message will appear explaining why it’s important to accept. The pop-up will have two buttons: “Go back” and “Accept notification request in this app.”
  2. If the user chooses to click the “Accept notification request in this app” button, they will receive a system message confirming the acceptance of the notification request. At the same time, a new field in the user’s record, called “Is notification accepted?” (which I added to the USERS database), will be set to TRUE.

However, it’s worth noting that in this solution, users have the option to avoid accepting notifications by clicking “Accept notification request in this app” and then not proceeding to click “Accept notifications.”

Does anybody have a better idea?

Apple won’t allow you to publish your app if you shoehorn users this way.
Playstore apps have notifications on by default.

You can make explanations but you can’t force it on users.

Via the Adalo Notifications API you can ‘semi’ rely on the API response for a notification delivery report… if sending to one user only.

So you could have a complex system of sending one off notifications and measuring the delivery success to that user - to figure if they have notifications on or not… but there are other reasons why a push might not be delivered.

What about the Google Play store?
Most of my users using Android devices.

My app is notification-based. However, only 24% of my users accepted notifications. It is a big issue for me

That’s a good number I think.

Some apps have a really good flow explaining what is about to happen rather than just showing the Accept dialogue. Some go further and explain the process on iOS and Android (for those who already opted out).

Give them a compelling reason why they should accept Push.

As for google. Build it and submit it. You can always take their feedback and tweak it so it passes.

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