Weather API - Current Temp

Hello, ive set up a weather display page for our users - ive followed the video tutorial from adalo and used for the API as in the video. we have a background page for the “City lookup” which the admins can assess. we only want to display certain areas to the clients - we have set this up using lists. my issue is that it doesn’t seem to be changing current temp, it only displays the information at the time of the initial “lookup” has anyone else used this API? and does anyone know how to get a refresh system working so the clients can have the most up to date weather information?

You could create a “refresh” button that makes the call again.

Hi Colin, thanks for getting back to me.that sound alike it will work! Thanks for your help

Hi colin, I’ve got an issue with apple. we have a WebViewer for a booking system for attrition tickets. this works on android and iPhone’s but we have just discovered that this doesnt work on a ipad. do you know what could be causing this error

Can you be more specific in regards to “not working on iPad”? What isn’t working? What is it doing instead?

Hi Colin, the first page of the website loads in but then the functionality of the buttons stop working, ie, the book now button should add the users tickets to a basket and the drop-down should open to more months in the year. Clicking any of the buttons will refresh the page but nothing happens. I will attach screenshot of the iPad showing the buttons and one of my phone where the changes take place and the user can move on.

These are the screenshots from the iPad

And this is the screenshot from my mobile, as you can see when the book now button is pressed there is a small line of text that appears allowing the users to carry on the booking process. I’m not sure why it’s working on my phone and not the iPad

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