Web App Not Saving

@perc80 I understand your position, been there a phew times myself when I was a junior freelancer working with other 3rd party solutions, but let’s keep real, I’m sure this will be over sooner than you think :crossed_fingers:

I wouldn’t be so sure as we haven’t had an official response yet from the team, the crash can happen again once more users log in.

Absolutely @Devops your caution is warranted - i’ve just tried to access my app, keep hitting the “App Not Found” screen. I’m sure the Adalo team are working hard to sort this, but some communication from them would be nice… as the slack channel is dead too :confused:

@dasuksta yeah the same on my side :roll_eyes:, this is looking more and more like the cluster is overloaded. I hope this is not just a monthly budget problem with AWS as it would be concerning.

The good news is that there definitely on the job as shown below :point_down: (screenshot from last night)

I agree it would be nice to have somebody from the team comment on the current situation as users will start to get worried.

@anon78309838 @ashley @KatelynCampbell some help would be appreciated :sos:

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My chat app is extremely slow… Some days ago was far Better. Anyone know why? I already cleaned messages database… This is the Copy of my app so you can test your self

@Eugen please read the above posts, we’re all facing the same latency, it seems that their servers are overloaded thus why sometimes you will experience lag depending on the number of users interacting with apps. Basically the system is unstable…

They should at least post ad advice notice or something. I did not see anything on builder… Only browsing here i found It is a problem for everyone now

Seems issues are still persisting… got mediocre this morning (UK Time) but now performance has just dropped off a cliff!
C’on team Adalo!! throw us something!!! Radio silence is never a good option :frowning_face:

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Issues still there…

Was working okay earlier… seems as soon as the East Coast came online the system ground to a halt!
Just lost a load of work… do’h!!! :confounded:

@ashley @anon78309838 @Ben - help!

@dasuksta I got a feeling the team at Adalo is off for the weekend :unamused: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:

hey everyone! @jdpooley @Aqua @Michael @RamaD @Indigrodigital @Ruf @Eugen @montetennis

Everything is back up and running smoothly, including our brand new Collections API functionality.

I’d like to thank everyone on this thread for a lot of their comments and great suggestions (especially the status page suggestion). We understand this has to be frustrating, so I also wanted to thank you all you for being so understanding and supportive throughout this process. We’ll have a much longer & detailed post about everything that happened and everything we’re doing long term from an infrastructure & performance standpoint sometime later this week, but I wanted you all to know this our top priority.

I’d also like to thank our dev team for working extremely hard over the last couple of days to resolve this issue. Stay tuned for a much more detailed plan and thanks for continuing to build amazing apps on Adalo!


Thanks @David for your care and for taking the time to update us.

Thanks @David and everyone on the team .
I can use with confidence.
I also hope that new services will be added.

Thx David, Really Adalo is a best platform for no-code development, I tried many, According to me Adalo stays on top. but still having some lacks in workspace. Hope everything will be fixed soon.

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Today, I have been having the same problem. Whatever the problem is, it is still active! Any insights from the Adalo team?

The app don’t save my changes. Has anyone the same issues? Please advice what to do. Thank you!

Hi @Edin,

The issue should be resolved, please see here: Can't save any changes in my editor - #8 by ben1

Best regards, Victor.


Thank you @Victor

Regards Edin

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I understand your concern, however we must remember that we all used an early solution/product, and that “rare” crashes will inevitably occur. I always say that making anything simple is difficult, and Adalo has hit some incredible milestones thus far in their growth.

I recall something similar happening with Webflow and Bubble, and now, a few years later, they have a stable and secure release.

I am confident that this will be the case with Adalo in the future, and that we, as a community, should continue to support the app developers and founders.