Web App Not Saving

I’m experiencing the same issues again :grimacing:

Taking a break and crossing my fingers everything saves in a few minutes.

Hi Adalo team, someone help me, My app is not saving, Still using free plan and only 70% of the space used. I’m really afraid to build in Adalo.

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Also experiencing saving issues again today. ~10 minute delay on preview updating.

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I am also experiencing this phenomenon today, October 23 (Japan).
I’m in trouble because I haven’t been able to update at all.
Please resolve it as soon as possible.
(There has been such a problem from before.)

Moreover, in my case, a page called “timer settings” was added without permission even though I didn’t create it.
I think this is definitely a bug, and I’m worried that it’s been hacked.

The Adalo Team should be aware of this and respond immediately.

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I’m also experiencing the same issue. When I add things to my app and then try to view them in the previewer, they do not appear. (Also in Japan if that matters.)

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Same here with other bugs…hope that this get’s fixed before the weekend :grimacing:

Not to mention all the time wasted on work lost. This is very frustrating. I just started using it a week ago and now i’m concerned that I will face bigger issues when taking my app to store. (I’m in Jordan so I’m not sure if it’s a location issue).

MAJOR Performance issues since the morning! @teamadalo maybe type of System Status page where we can get info on any system issues :neutral_face:

Me too, I just refreshed after I made a few changes & lost all of my progress, really great.

Having a few issues at the moment & can’t get an email reply from anyone at Adalo.

I have a feeling they have hit their monthly limit/budget as new users are flooding the system and the cluster can’t allocate enough capacity :upside_down_face:

I’m curious does this kind of “crash” also concerns live native apps?

Hi all, even for me, since morning today(23/10/2020) facing same issues, many times lost my work. really unbearable, really thinking, whether go for a paid one or not…

or maybe somebody put a semicolon in the wrong place - easily done :see_no_evil:

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I’m on paid version - same issue :sweat_smile:

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@Reyaas I don’t think you get an allocated server with a paid plan :thinking: you should be on the same cluster…might be wrong


@dasuksta Yeah maybe but I think their infrastructure is not in-house…probably AWS

I tired many platforms, but Adalo is a easiest one and user friendly workspace, but like these issues will cause problem for Adalo,

Let’s all stay calm and supportive :innocent:, I’m sure their CTO is having a crappy Friday :roll_eyes:

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@Reyaas it’s a small price to pay for us early adopters, was the same with Webflow and Bubble :sweat_smile:

@Devops you most likely right on the money there… I was having issues displaying images in lists - the source url is at aws :+1: