Web app vs Mobile first dilemma

Hi. I have a project whereby there will be a desktop web app version and a mobile app version.
Both will be accessing the same database.
In short, should I start designing with the mobile version or the web app (PWA) version first?

I will assume that the web app version will be showing more details. And pretty much a different interface.


I think that’s a personal question based on go to market and how your users will primarily use your app.

For most of the apps I’ve developed, we build mobile first and then a very lite desktop version for admin purposes. We work with a lot of B2C’s, so they must have mobile first, then use desktop for their admin purposes. After mobile is complete, we build the desktop consumer version.

Hope that helps!



Long story short: it doesn’t matter.

You need to build something and validate it with real users.

Imho, just build a web app. It’s free. You need a “developer account” ($$) to share an app in apple store o android store.

Users will say to you if they want a mobile app.

But now, you don’t know even the product will generate some interest (and this validation don’t rely on the device)

Hope that helps!


Thanks guys for your inputs!
I was thinking of using existing templates from Adalo for a web app first but it seems that all of them are mobile based instead. So maybe I will start with mobile first as there are more existing resources for it.

Talking about validating with real users… How do you do that without publishing a sub-par version to ‘test the market’? Which spoils the experience in the first place.

Two different things:

  1. Identify power users / beta testers - they’ll be more understanding about bugs and beta testing makes it easier to collect and collate feedback
  2. Look at other MVPs throughout history - 15+ Examples of Successful MVPs - Startups & Web Pages | Software Brothers. If it looks nice, it isn’t an MVP. Get it out there, then iterate quickly to improve experiences. Let users participate in that experience (like ideas.adalo.com).
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