What's the best combo ? :)

Hey Adalo-ers !

I am on my way to start publishing apps for clients. So I’m also on my way to think about the way I will manage my apps, and define the best combo for my clients.

At the begining, I was thinking to deliver web app + native apps. But now, I’m wondering if the best combo wouldn’t be native apps + desktop web app (instead of mobile web app). Indeed, not sure what would be to deliver a mobile web app if native apps are there. Moreover, with a desktop web app, this would offer my clients a way to manage their apps from their laptops.

What’s your opinion on this topic, or feedback from your own experience ?

The only pain point, if my choice goes to native apps + desktop web app, is that I will have to keep in sync 2 app versions, the mobile version and the desktop version. Could be a bit fastidious, don’t you think ?

In fact, what could be great is the be able to replicate a “mobile Adalo app” as a “Desktop adalo web app”. At least have a desktop web app based on a mobile web app (the same layout for all components, even if the width of the screen is larger). Then no need to keep in sync the 2 versions.

Hum… I don’t know what to do ! :smiley:

I think native mobile + desktop web probably makes the most sense since you get more functionality like push notifications with native than PWA.

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Yes, I fully agree. Let’s go!

Many thanks @Ben for your feedback :+1:t2: