Website Development Costs

Hey everyone, just curious how much money would you spend on website development? (by an agency, freelancer, Adalo expert, etc.)

  • $500/month
  • $1,000/month
  • $2,000/month

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per month??? it should be a fixed amount I guess

That’s not something to be fixed. It depends on the features, complexity, technology used, code ownership property, maintenance, server etc…

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The cost may vary from 500$ to 1000000$ or even more. It depends on the services you are asking for or the features you need on your website.
The charge may vary as per the vendor you will select. Any reputed and experienced web development company will have slightly more charges but their solutions will be the best in the market. On the other hand, freelancers or startups might charge you less but you need to struggle with quality compromises.

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I put 1000, but it depends. It could be a lower or bigger amount.