What happened to the slack channel?


I just discovered that the slack channel was deleted?
What happened to it and what is the alternative?



This is the worse decision ever made. I mean slack provided something beyond simple help or answers to questions that this forum will never provide.
I understand they would want to manage only this forum and make it active but why not leave the slack channel open and managed by the community itself? and keep people in touch!

I think because users would see it as a Adalo thing, and expect answers, support etc from Adalo in it. While slack is good for some things, loosing answers after 10k messages, splitting time and resources of Adalo staff etc are it’s weak points… I think Adalo made the right choice here.

Was there an official notification about it? I was in the middle of conversations, and then poof!

Yes there was. Posted in Slack with I think 2 or 4 weeks notice.

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