Why this forum is so dead?

I dont know what to say i have posted my problems to get help but this forum is so dead that no one bothers to reply or even comment on it?? Why is that.

and let me add one thing more Adalo support is worst. I wish i had never paid for adalo

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Totally agree…

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@jibranmusa @Lofi

Be patient.

Us Adalo experts are usually pretty busy helping paying clients. We do not work for Adalo. We are doing this work in this forum for free.

Plus, if you are terrible at describing your problems like if you don’t provide enough information, it’s impossible for us to help.

If you need immediate assistance, I would recommend finding an Adalo expert that’s within your budget that you can reach out to.

To be completely transparent with y’all… Our paying clients will always take priority over helping out someone in the forum.

Thank you so much for replying it. I am really honored that you responded back. I am a paying client thats what i said.

Plus i have posted 2 problems one with the description and one with complete details including the screenshots and there was no response at all.

Gladly i found your profile there on this forums and messaged you directly to help me solve the problem. And i am really glad i did that else the problem would have gone un-noticed even for a paying client like me.

To be completely transparent with you with all due respect I am a paying Client.

Allow me to explain.

Adalo = software. You are a paying customer for Adalo.

Flawless (me) = Adalo Expert, NOT an Adalo employee.

You are not my client. You do not pay me. You pay Adalo.

If you want my help and want to become a paying client of mine, you must pay me! LOL

LOL thats nice

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Hope that explained it. I mean no disrespect. I truly do want to help whenever I can. Time is the real killer here.

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No disrespect taken. I am myself is the developer and i know what time means

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